mission statement

“pretty likkle ting” is inspired by the commercialized idea of an attractive, idealistic and marketable body type that has become central to popular culture. pretty likkle ting acknowledges any "standard of beauty" as harmful to all. therefore, we take a stand for radical self acceptance and body image healing by:

**making writing/stories free and accessible 

* expelling the notion that our bodies exist for others' satisfaction 

*promoting healthy & intuitive eating over fad diets/fast weight gain culture


*prioritizing listening to the needs of our bodies and our minds 


*taking a collective and intersectional approach to body issues 


*creating space & community esp. for black people, lgbtqia+, gnc people around the world to make their stories legible

*committing to constant introspection & growth

© 2018 by pretty likkle ting.