"“PLT as a platform reminds me of a concept I learned about in a classroom. The concept, created by a Chicana feminist named Gloria Anzaldua, is called El Mundo Zurdo, meaning the “left-handed” world. This space, an existence that diverges from and sinks below the world we know, is a space for the “colored, the queer, the poor, the female, the physically challenged.” This was a space where those who had been beaten down in the world we know could exist, this was a space where those who had been beaten down could heal. This, for me, is the epitome of PLT: it creates a world radically different from ours, a world where people can unpack their bodies and how those bodies have been othered so that they might heal. PLT is a place where marginalized people can center themselves as opposed to centering those who have hurt them. It is a place that reminds us that our bodies are not what the world has always told us they are - abnormal, hypervisible, abject - but, on the contrary, beautiful, whole, and worthy.”"


"Oddly enough, my favorite part of PLT so far was writing my own op-ed. It forced me to reflect on many of the thoughts that I often try to push to the back of my mind. I really encourage anyone who has thought about writing for even a moment to just open a document and write down the first things that come to mind. That’s what I did, and I immediately saw that body image is complex, and especially for black and brown folks, is interwoven with many other issues. However, the best part of writing, by far, was the conversations I had with people after my piece was published. I was initially really nervous and asked for it to be anonymous but added my name at the last minute. After I shared my piece, tons of people, many of whom were not my close friends, reached out to me and shared their experiences and stories. I saw how body image and perception truly affects us all, and I felt like a member of an invisible community that’s been around me all along. I think about that support in hard moments when it seems like our fight will be endless."


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